Drink Specialties, Inc specializes in wine-based products. Our products allow for Beer and Wine license customers to expand their business by offering cocktails and other mixed drinks. Drink Specialties products are formulated to represent the taste and flavor profile of its liquor counterpart. For example, our Templo Gold 24% Agave Especial has been designed to replace Tequila in order to make delicious Margaritas and other Tequila type drinks. In order to achieve the same alcohol content as a regular Tequila drink, all you would need to do is add two ounces of Templo Gold for a single serving Margarita. It’s that simple. We also provide drink recipes, table tents, and posters to help promote your business and make your customers aware that you now serve cocktails.

Now Distributed by Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida. Please contact your local Rep today !



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